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Many mothers struggle with what to wear for maternity photos. You only have to dress the bump for a few months after all. What is the best style? What’s the most flattering color? Should I go with an NYC location or studio backdrop?

Don’t worry, with my simple tips, you’ll be ready for a magical maternity shoot in no time! Just remember, choose the outfit that makes you feel beautiful and confident, and let us handle the rest while you relax before your bundle of joy arrives. 

what to wear for maternity photos
what to wear for maternity photos
what to wear for maternity photos
what to wear for maternity photos

5 Tips on What to Wear for Maternity Photos | Sasha Chou Photography

1. The Color Sets the Tone.

For light and airy photos, you’ll want to choose an outfit with soft neutral, white, or pastel colors. These will give your photos a natural, elegant, and classic feel. 

what to wear for maternity photos

Or, if you prefer a pop of color try a bolder look. Jewel tones like burgundy, violet, cobalt, and emerald look gorgeous in maternity photos. Keep in mind the location and/or backdrop is also a big factor when choosing between neutral vs. bold colors (for instance, you may not want to wear a green dress if your backdrop is a lush park area because you’ll blend in).

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Woman in red dress posing for maternity photoshoot in the nature

2. Choose a Photogenic Dress Style.

Flowy dresses with lace that accentuate the bump look beautiful. This look is feminine with a touch of whimsy, showing off the stunning mother-to-be. Just make sure that the dress waistband sits above your baby bump. There are many dresses that are tight around the bump, but this style does not look as pretty in photos. I also recommend opting for a floor-length dress. This will give you movement and length during the photoshoot. (Be careful that it’s not too long so you won’t trip when walking.) 

Sasha Chou Maternity Photography

3. Don’t Forget Shoes!

Be sure to wear shoes that are comfortable because you may be walking or standing throughout the shoot. Heels are not recommended late in pregnancy since they’re not as comfortable. A nice pair of sandals or ankle booties will provide stylish comfort during your photoshoot, allowing you to safely show off your beautiful baby bump. (Typically, your feet will not show in the photos.)

4. Show Off Some Skin: What to Wear for Intimate or Boudoir Maternity Shoots

For intimate or boudoir maternity sessions, off the shoulder sweaters and blouses look lovely. If you prefer to wear a bra and panties, choose a set that matches. Black is often a classic and elegant color choice to show off that beautiful bump and your superwoman body. 

boudoir maternity shoot

Feel free to add in accessories for an extra bit of coverage and feminine beauty. Many ladies love to wear lace robes or kimonos when doing a maternity shoot with a luxurious milk bath. 

what to wear for maternity photos

5. Consider the Weather: What to Wear for an Outdoor Maternity Shoot

If you decide to have your maternity shoot outside, make sure your outfit fits the season. For example, in the summer, you will want to wear a light and breathable fabric. In the winter, maybe go for a thicker material or wear a warm cardigan. It’s important to be as comfortable as possible so that I can capture your most beautiful self! 

what to wear for maternity photos

Proud to Be Your NYC Maternity Photographer

I absolutely love photographing pregnant mothers in NYC because it is a celebration! Don’t worry too much about what to wear; instead, we’ll focus on having fun while we show off your beauty with confidence. You are bringing new life into this world, and there is nothing more beautiful or powerful than that!

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Now that you know what to wear for maternity photos, go ahead and book your session! We’re now booking for summer and fall 2021. The best time to take maternity photos is between 28-36 weeks (when your bump is really showing). Connect with me here for more questions.

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Maternity photo ideas

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