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We know how to make you feel confident and natural on-camera. Simply relax and enjoy your day while the camera rolls! Some of the best footage from every wedding happens when everyone is so wrapped up in the celebration they have no idea the camera is rolling. We strive to do our work as discreetly as possible while capturing every angle and priceless moment so you have a highlight reel and wedding video you can't wait to show off!

Photography and Videography go hand-in-hand, allowing you to relive the most special moments through cinematic footage and poignant portraits.

Our NYC videographer uses tripod and handheld cameras to capture your special day. Drone footage is also included at no extra cost. Wedding video services provide a 40-minute documentary, as well as a moving montage set to a song of your choice.


In the heart of the city that never sleeps, every love story shines uniquely against its iconic skyline. Our portfolio showcases a range of NYC weddings, each with its distinct charm and emotion. From the intimate elopements in Central Park to the grand affairs at classic New York venues, our videography captures the essence of each couple's journey. As you explore our video examples below, envision how we can immortalize your own love story amidst the bustling streets and serene spots of New York City.

Cathy & Vito Wedding Video Highlights In New York City

Michelle and Nick's Wedding Video Highlights In New Jesey

Alex and Michelle Wedding Video At Midtown Loft NYC

Kiran and Nick Wedding Highlights Video in New York City

Li & Shunchen Video Wedding Highlights

Private Mansion Backyard Wedding

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