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You and your fiancé are still on cloud 9 celebrating your new engagement, but now the time has finally come… Time to start planning your wedding day! You probably already have a certain wedding style in mind, but did you know there are also different wedding photography styles? Choosing the right photographer is one of the most important things you must do when planning your big day, so it’s crucial that you choose one who can achieve your desired style that matches your personality. If you are having trouble knowing what “your style” is, try looking through wedding photos on Pinterest. You will soon start noticing that you’re drawn to certain wedding images more than others. 

wedding photography styles
wedding photography styles

After you have decided on a photography style, then you can begin the hunt for your ideal photographer. Just keep in mind that most photographers have a signature style, and you can’t really ask a “light and airy” photographer to take “dark and moody” photos–for your entire wedding day. Find a photographer you truly mesh with so you end up with wedding photos you’ll love for years to come. I often recommend timeless over trendy styles because you still want your photos to reflect you even ten or twenty years from now, not just what was in style at the time.

wedding photography styles
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5 Popular Wedding Photography Styles

Classic and Traditional

This style is definitely the most popular for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Traditional wedding photos are simple, yet sophisticated, and stand the test of time. Many couples enjoy the traditional look because they include posed shots of the family and wedding party, as well as classic portraits. While these photos may not be super creative or out-of-the-box, they will still look great when you look back on your 50th wedding anniversary. Plus, you can still get a few candid and creative shots in there, too. Just make sure to let your photographer you want a mix of “in-the moment” photos throughout the day, not just posed portraits.

wedding photography styles bridals
wedding photography styles

Dark and Moody

This style is exactly as it sounds—dark and moody. Photographers take advantage of shadows and lines in order to create a more dramatic look. After shooting, photographers will add an overlay to the photos to give them a filtered look. This style has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and it is typically a style you will see in wedding magazines today. If you’re planning a boho-chic or moody wedding with subdued, darker colors, this style is perfect for you! It’s very artistic, but it’s also easy to go overboard here. I like to add in a few subtle ones here and there when the occasion naturally arises.

wedding photography styles
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Want your photos to look like they’re straight out of Vogue magazine? Then this style is your winner! Editorial photos are posed and expertly styled, similar to what you would see with models in a high fashion magazine. While this photo style doesn’t capture many of the candid moments or authentic connection, couples love its high-fashion, luxurious feel. 

wedding photography styles
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editorial wedding photography


Many couples love a photojournalistic style because it captures both posed and candid moments throughout their wedding day. Photographers are there to help and lead in the beginning, and then once you are comfortable, they step back a bit, capturing all the sweet moments as they unfold. This is especially nice because you are getting a true record of everything that happened on your big day, without having a photographer right up in your face the entire time. These documentary-style photographs show true emotion and people’s actions, making it a beautiful photography style for your wedding day!

photojournalistic wedding photography
wedding photography styles
wedding photography styles

Fine Art

This style is often associated with shooting with film photography instead of digital. Here, the photographer has creative reign as the artist. Fine art photography emphasizes expression and artistry. Many couples choose this style if they are having a colorful, outdoor wedding due to the natural lighting. For wedding photography, the fine art style combines an artistic approach while still remaining soft, romantic, and authentic. Fine art wedding photography is especially refined and sophisticated.

fine art wedding portraits
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Sasha’s Wedding Photography Style

These are just the general “buckets” wedding photography styles fall into. However, most photographers have mastered a unique blend of some of these to create their own individual style.

I would describe my photography style as true to color, not overly processed, with a good balance of traditional and photojournalistic images to tell the full story of your day. My photos are playful, fun, and creative. I’m up for anything! I capture your beautiful moments while infusing artistry into my work. I also believe that your wedding photos should be timeless—when you look back ten years from now, these are still YOU. 

wedding photography styles
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My style is overly trendy, but instead captures real-life in its most beautiful. I’m there to catch those killer shots and priceless memories so you don’t miss a thing. Our photography team is unobtrusive, and we prefer to shoot from behind the scenes. That means we won’t be in your face during the first kiss, yet you can count on us toe highlight authentic connection and love. 

I absolutely love being a wedding photographer, and I would be happy to capture all the beautiful moments of your wedding day! Find out if we’re a match by connecting with me here.

wedding photography styles
wedding photography styles
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