Wedding Photo Booth Ideas | Fun Photo Booth Themes

November 17, 2021

From urban industrial vibes to sophisticated elegance, every wedding can use on one thing: a photo booth! The key is figuring out how to make your photo booth tie into your theme while still being fun and interactive for your guests. 

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8 Themed Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

Vintage Photo Booth

This timeless wedding theme can transport your guests back to the past with antique and vintage props. Visit some antique shops or even garage sales to find interesting pieces for your reception. Remember these don’t have to be expensive. You can find old hats and headpieces, bowties, or long silk gloves for guests to wear. Set up your photobooth with a large, empty frame. Feel free to paint it however you’d like to make it look vintage. Guests can pose with old outfits, hats, jewelry, mustaches and glasses on sticks, and ties and scarves. For an added touch of vintage style, add a sepia or black and white filter to your photos. This will give the extra illusion that your guests have traveled back in time to attend your wedding. 

Simple & Classic Wedding Photo Booth

Not into themes? That’s ok! You can still have a gorgeous photo booth. Stage an elegant backdrop using your colors and some florals to the side or at the corners, and have guests take photos throughout the reception. A wooden arch or greenery backdrop work well here too.

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Beachy Photo Booth

Surf’s up! Time to set up your beachy photo booth. Begin by making a blue background to give your guests the illusion that they are standing in front of the ocean. If you can find a surfboard, you can lean it up against the blue backdrop. Then, find fun props such as beach hats, sunglasses, beach balls, boogie boards, and pool floats. Your guests are sure to love this nautical vibe!

Elegant Gatsby + Roaring 20s

This 1920s themed photo booth is sure to transport your guests to the roaring twenties! Find an old trunk, and fill it with feather boas, feather headpieces, bowler hats and fedoras, and long pearl necklaces. You could also have a few old-style champagne and martini glasses and a long cigarette holder for your friends and family to hold during the picture. Just be an “old sport” and have fun with it!

Hollywood Red Carpet

Use a cute customized Step & Repeat backdrop featuring the couple’s names or monogram, and use props like feather boas, star-shaped glasses, tiaras, silk opera gloves, bow ties, moustache props, and more. Don’t forget to roll out the red carpet and spotlights!

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Country & Western

For your rustic, country wedding there are a ton of fun photo booth prop ideas! Start by setting up the area with hay bales for seating. Guests can then pose in front of the camera wearing cowboy hats or riding a stick horse if you’re feeling extra silly. Have a lasso and toy cows for the wannabe cattle herders in the group. Your guests are sure to have a “rootin’ good time” acting out all their favorite cowboy scenarios!


Use brightly-colored streamers, a piñata, or macramé backdrop and provide fiesta-themed props like maracas, paper flowers, margarita glasses, brightly colored woven serapes or blankets, floral headpieces, peppers, and trumpets and guitars.


Travel themed weddings are always so much fun to attend. Each table at the reception is a different country or city, and guests can really get into the ambiance of each location. 

You could set up your photo booth with a world map as your background. Then, have a box of fun travel props such as: toy airplanes, arrow signs with names of famous cities around the world, navy-colored papers that say ‘PASSPORT’ on the front (don’t risk losing your real passports!), rolling suitcases, and disposable cameras. Your guests can point to different countries on the map and pose with friends!

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No matter which wedding theme or style you choose, your guests are sure to have a fantastic time posing for silly pictures at your wedding photo booth. This activity will be one more way for guests to interact, have fun, and feel included in wedding festivities. It’s ok to be a little cheesy and just have fun! Plus, these will be fun pictures for them to post, and remember how much fun they had celebrating your big day!

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