Top Secret Locations in NYC and NJ Area to Get Married

Life during the pandemic can be hectic, but COVID-19 should not get in the way of planning your special day with your soon-to-be life partner. Perhaps you are considering a less touristy or less crowded romantic location to get married, or you are looking for unique wedding destinations that are special to your relationship. We compiled a list of top secret locations around NYC area where you can hold your wedding ceremony and capture the most memorable photos!

1. Jersey City, NJ

Forget Dumbo. Located right across downtown Manhattan, Jersey City is not only easily accessible from NYC, but you actually get a view of the city itself with less crowd. If you love science, or looking for a more quirky idea, consider getting married at Liberty Science Center, located right at Liberty State Park. You get the skyline view and the park, as well as the fun exhibitions.

Wedding in the garden

2. Staten Island, NY

Staten Island is still in NYC, but not as crowded as Manhattan. Whats more, you get the view of the city skyline while enjoying the intimacy of a more suburban, country club-like romantic ceremony. If you do decide to get married on Staten Island, you have more variety of choices such as waterfront venues and also garden settings with more flowers and greens. Some ideas of wedding venues at Staten Island can be found at The Knot.

Wedding ceremony in a garden, country club-like setting along with plenty of greeneries

3. Fort Tryon Park, NY

Located in Hudson Heights of Upper Manhattan, you can enjoy the serene Fort Tryon Park while in NYC. The public park is home to The Met Cloisters. The Romanesque architectural style offers the ideal background for your wedding photos. The park is also one of the highest points of Manhattan, so imagine the breathtaking view of the Hudson River. It is easy to imagine that getting married at the Fort Tryon Park is one of the most romantic locations in NYC. If you are interested in hosting your wedding ceremony here, remember to check out NYC Park Permits rules and reserve early!

Wedding in the park in NYC

4. Long Island City, NY

Right across Midtown Manhattan, Long Island City offers easy and quick access from Manhattan. You can easily capture memorable moments of your wedding ceremony with Midtown Manhattan skyline as the background. If your wedding venue is near Gantry Plaza State Park, you and your loved ones can take a brief walk over for amazing photoshoots at the piers with East River and the Pepsi Cola or Long Island sign.

Wedding across the river from Manhattan

5. Weehawken, NJ

Weehawken is literally right across Midtown Manhattan, yet not even most New Yorkers know about this gem separated from NYC only by Hudson River. Waterfront Weehawken has a riverwalk, a few nice fancy restaurants, and breathtaking view of non-obstructive Manhattan skyline as the background of your wedding photoshoots. The best part is there are less tourists than typically popular places like Brooklyn or Queens. You get the view and you get less crowds- best of both worlds!

Waterfront Weehawken overlooks Manhattan skyline for wedding photoshoot background

Whichever location you pick, don’t forget to book a professional photographer here to capture special moments of your wedding day!