Top Asian Wedding Trends for 2021

You don’t have to choose between traditional and trendy for your Asian or fusion wedding! Embrace modern wedding trends while honoring your cultural heritage by incorporating these 10 Asian wedding trends that all guests will love:

Jewel Tones for Fusion Weddings

Elevate your theme with vibrant jewel tones like sapphire blue, emerald green, ruby, amethyst, and violet. These colors will broaden your color palette and make your theme pop. They also create a colorful royal, luxury look, and many jewel tones symbolize things like fortune, luck, and prosperity.

Asian wedding trends, jewel tones

Authentic Asian Food Stations

Who doesn’t love authentic cultural food?! Bring in a culinary team for live food stations, or simply cater from your favorite restaurant. Authentic food will delight your guests and tie the theme together even more.

authentic Asian food

Custom Wedding Cake

As an alternative to red frosting or fondant, consider these gorgeous Chinese wedding cake themes:

  • Pink and white with cherry blossoms
  • Teal and ivory with almond blossoms
  • Black and white designs
  • Semi-naked cake with cherry blossom accents

I especially love these unique Asian wedding cake designs by Cake Wrecks.

Chinese Door Games

Typically for the groom and his groomsmen, these hilarious games will make everyone laugh. They serve as the perfect ice breaker, especially for fusion weddings. Try:

  • No Money, No Honey – Bridesmaids request money from the groom and groomsmen in order to come into the house or venue. Use symbolic numbers such as $8.88 for triple fortune or $9.99 for long-lasting or eternal (especially in relation to love).
  • How Well Do You Know Your Bride? – The wedding party will ask the groom questions about his bride. He must do pushups for every incorrect answer.
  • Pass the Fruit – The wedding party will stand in a line and pass from underneath their chins from one person to the next. Increase the level of difficulty by starting with a grapefruit, then apple, then lemon, and finally a cherry.
  • Karaoke Serenade – The groomsmen (or the bridesmaids!) dress the groom up in a silly outfit with play instruments. He must stand outside and serenade his bride-to-be.

Choose a Symbol for Your Theme

For instance, you might choose a single symbol for love, or you might want to go with traditional double happiness. Get more creative by selecting three characters (such as family, happiness, and faith). Use your symbol(s) throughout the wedding design by incorporating it into your invitations, the ceremony backdrop, or wedding favors. 

Asian weddings double happiness
Chinese wedding invitation card in red

Greenery & Lanterns

Soften the overall look and warm up the ambiance with cascading greenery and lanterns. You’ll be amazed by how much the greenery and soft lighting will transform your venue and create a warm, romantic feel.

Incorporate Popular Asian Songs 

Songs by current Asian artists offer a more contemporary way to acknowledge your heritage. Younger guests can dance to the trendier tunes — let’s be honest, it’s hard to dance to our grandparent’s favorite songs — while older guests will appreciate the cultural aspect.

Mix and Match Lanterns

Mix Asian-inspired décor with a modern bohemian style by hanging various types of lanterns. A combination of paper, bamboo, wooden, and plastic lanterns in different colors will create an eclectic and trendy look.

Chinese Guest Favors 

Colorfully frosted fortune cookies, decorative fans (especially for outdoor weddings), red and gold favor boxes filled with chocolate, mini Chinese mooncakes, and mini bamboo steamers make for cute and festive favors.

Asian weddings custom fortune cookies
Asian weddings party favors

Festive Sendoff

Give your guests wooden Chinese hand drums, firecrackers, or lanterns for a magical sendoff to end the evening!

Chinese firecrackers

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