Pre-Wedding Portraits vs. Bridals | An Inclusive Alternative for ALL Couples

Traditionally, it is customary for brides to do a full bridal photoshoot in a wedding dress before the wedding day. These treasured photos capture the bride’s beauty, giving the bride another moment to feel her most beautiful in her gorgeous wedding dress. However, bridal portraits may not apply to some couples. As an inclusive photography studio—and in honor of Pride Month—we want to emphasize that we have pre-wedding portrait options for ALL couples. While bridal portraits are a beautiful tradition, many couples are changing it up by booking a pre-wedding photoshoot instead. If this is something you are considering, here is a list of pros for going the non-traditional route:

8 Reasons to Book a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot 

Save time on your wedding day

By taking couple’s portraits ahead of time, you are able to really slow down, take your time, and fully enjoy the shoot. You won’t feel rushed to stick to your wedding day timeline or race back to mingle with your guests. Completing your photoshoot before your wedding day will save time on your big day. A couple’s shoot will be one less thing for the two of you to worry about. You can simply relax and enjoy your time before the ceremony. 

Capture more photos of the two of you

Additionally, a couple’s photoshoot taken before your wedding day allows your photographer to capture more photos of the two of you. While bridal shots are gorgeous, your wedding day is about your commitment to one another, so a couple’s shoot is a lovely way to document your love! If you want more couple’s portraits, a pre-wedding session is the way to go.

Individual portraits are still an option

While a pre-wedding photoshoot is a stunning way to document this milestone in your love story, you don’t have to forget about individual portraits completely! Feel free to do whatever makes the two of you happy. We can easily mix and match your individual and couple’s shots during your session. Show off your styles as both individuals and together as a couple. It truly is up to you! 

A pre-wedding photoshoot is inclusive for all couples

By offering pre-wedding photos instead of just bridals, we hope all couples feel included and welcome. Each person can take individual portraits no matter their title in the relationship. Pre-wedding photos allow couples to do things their way before their big day arrives. Everyone deserves gorgeous portraits and a fun photo experience.

Trial run for wedding attire

A pre-wedding photoshoot is also a great way to work out wedding attire kinks. You can put on your wedding outfits and practice with hair and makeup. Occasionally, couples are less-than-thrilled on their wedding day to find out that pants weren’t hemmed well, the wedding dress is missing a few sequins, or the envisioned hairstyle just doesn’t work well with the dress. By having a pre-wedding photoshoot, you can address any attire situations before your actual wedding day. 

More location options and flexibility

When you wait to take all of your photos on your wedding day, you are limited to taking all of your photos at your venue or a place close by. However, when you take pre-wedding photos, you can meet at any location that you find beautiful and meaningful. You can savor the time with your partner rather than sticking to a wedding day timeline. If one location isn’t enough, or you can’t choose just one, tell your photographer you would love to shoot in multiple places. Each location can offer a different feel or vibe, so it never hurts to have a couple of places picked out. We’re happy to recommend photogenic locations as well! By removing limitations and timelines, you can take your time to achieve the perfect photoshoot and get all the photos you envision. You might even book a couples session before your destination wedding like these two at Joshua Tree National Park!

Fur babies may attend your pre-wedding photoshoot

Sometimes, including your fur babies on your wedding day is difficult. The hours are long, and you need someone to watch and feed them. If you’re eloping in NYC, you can’t just take them back home after the photos or ceremony. By having pre-wedding photos, you can include your sweet pets in your photoshoot without worrying about a challenging experience for them. 

Show off multiple outfits

Sometimes, couples wear formal or traditional outfits for their wedding ceremony and then change into cocktail attire for their reception. Pre-wedding photos allow you to take couple’s portraits in both outfits. If there were ever a time to go all out and strut your stuff, this is it!!

Pre-wedding photos may be non-traditional, but they give couples so many opportunities to achieve amazing photos in a fun, less-stress way. When you dismiss this idea that only bridals can be photographed before the wedding, you open up a variety of options and allow everyone in the relationship to feel included. 

As a boutique studio of wedding photographers, we absolutely love documenting couples’ love stories. Please contact a Sasha Chou Photography Studio team member if you are interested in a pre-wedding photoshoot. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We can’t wait to work with you both! 

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