Posing Guide for Couples

I get it. Putting your love on display and creating intimate moments can be a little awkward when someone is zooming in on you with a camera. But your engagement or couple’s session doesn’t have to be that way!
At Sasha Chou photography, I make it my mission to provide a fun, creative, and comfortable photography experience. You’ll get to hear some of my best (and corniest) jokes while I discreetly capture those sweet candid moments that often happen between the poses. During your session, I’ll provide posing tips to help you easily fall into a natural rhythm. I aim to give you authentic photos that show your real personality and emotions while telling your unique love story through photography.
Natural. Timeless. Genuine.
When you look back on these photos in 20 years, you won’t see still poses and forced smiles, you’ll see the laughter that came from the hilarious inside joke he just told. Or the way her eyes sparkle when he leans in for a kiss. I focus on the details.
That being said, here are a few of my best posing tips for your upcoming session:

1. An Evening Stroll

I’ll ask you to simply enjoy your time together by taking a relaxing walk together. These look so romantic walking hand-in-hand and looking back.

2. Classic Romance

Once you feel comfortable in front of the camera, don’t be shy to get lost in each other’s eyes and go for a kiss or two…or more. I’ll capture the “Almost Kiss” and forehead to forehead shots, too.

3. Freestyle

Have some creative, fun poses in mind? Share them with me, and we’ll make them happen! I love taking the session location and playing it up with the architecture and scenery that’s around.

4. Add a Little Sugar

For some sweet action shots, try a hug from the back, smell her hair, and touch his face. Or, be playful by not letting him land the kiss.

 5. Holding Hands

When you touch, you’ll feel more comfortable and more inclined to show off your personality as a couple.

6. Annnddd ACTION!

Dance in the street. Jump for joy. Hail a taxi. Drink some coffee. Whatever you do, have fun together!

 7. THE Kiss

Enough said.