NYC Photographers | 7 Reasons to Book an Anniversary Photoshoot 

You take pictures of the proposal, engagement, bridals, and wedding. Then what? Suddenly years fly by without any quality photos of the two of you. Your story continues, and the chapters that unfold after your wedding day deserve more than a few quick pics on your phone now and then. Don’t forget to book an anniversary photoshoot with the award-winning NYC photographers at Sasha Chou studio!

anniversary photoshoot

You don’t need impressive milestones to warrant professional photos. In fact, couple’s portraits are rising in popularity. It’s fun to get photos taken while you explore, live, and love. When you make it priority to update your photos each year, you are able to document all the life and personal growth that happens from year to year.

If you’re on the fence about booking an anniversary photoshoot (or “just for fun” couple’s session), here are a few more reasons to take the leap.

anniversary photoshoot

Why You Need an Anniversary Session | NYC Photographers

1. Celebrate how far you’ve come.

Whether you have lots of large moments to commemorate or little steps to acknowledge, every day matters. The first year of marriage is filled with so much growth as individuals and as a couple. You learn how to communicate better, appreciate the little things, and understand each other on a deeper level. You probably even learn a little about yourself along the way!

Maybe your first year of marriage was beautifully blissful, or maybe it challenged you with exciting yet unexpected changes. Take time to celebrate life together. Photography is such a beautiful form of personal expression. High-five, dance, snuggle—however you want to celebrate, go all out and revel in the moment together.

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2. Document your story.

From first anniversary to thirtieth, each year represents a special and important chapter in your story. If you’ve moved homes, changed careers, welcomed a new family member, or celebrated a certain milestone or occasion, make sure to document that momentous year with photos. In the moment, we always think these memories will stay vivid forever, but sadly they fade. Photography provides the opportunity to preserve those moments.

You can incorporate these milestones into your anniversary photoshoot by bringing along memoirs, photographs, and accessories that symbolize the event or occasion.

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3. Spend quality time together.

In the early parts of your relationship, your photo sessions center around something big: your proposal, engagement, or wedding. An anniversary or couple’s session gives you an opportunity to relax and be yourselves without the pressure of wedding planning or staying on schedule. Make your anniversary session a date! Simply enjoy each other’s company. You’ve settled into a routine together, so these post-wedding photos often feel a bit more authentic, playful, flirty, and romantic. You might even consider an at-home lifestyle photo session.

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4. Send personalized holiday cards.

Fall is right around the corner with the holidays not far behind. Book a newlywed fall or winter-themed session so you can send personalized holiday cards that belong on display all season long! As NYC photographers, we’d love to help you capture the magic of the city during the holidays.

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5. Create memorable gifts.

As newlyweds, you probably have some sentimental friends or family in your life who would love to receive gifts with your lovely faces on them to commemorate this special year. Gift a photo book, calendar, or custom prints. You can put your photos on just about anything: coasters, candles, totes, tumblers, and even playing cards. You can find more photo gift ideas in this post by BRIDES.

anniversary photoshoot

6. Decorate your home.

You can absolutely fill your home with gorgeous wedding photos, but over the years, you may want to change things up a bit and add some variety. If your Instagram photos aren’t exactly wall worthy, book an anniversary photoshoot to update your home décor. Let us know what you have in mind so we can be sure to capture the sizes, poses, and look you need. 

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7. Create heirloom memoirs.

Have you ever had the chance to pull out some old photos of your grandparents, great-grandparents, and beyond. It’s really fun to see what they looked like when they were your age. Even better, you may have a few old school candid photos your grandparents doing what they loved and some cultural aspects mixed in.

Give that same special gift to the generations that come after you. Make it a priority to get quality photos taken together so you have something to pass down. Digital images are great, but there’s nothing sweeter and more nostalgic than flipping through albums together and pausing to laugh and reminisce as you go.

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