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Wouldn’t it be great to be able to freeze time for just a few hours on your wedding day? Squeeze in a few more dances and a few more precious moments with friends and family. Although I can’t freeze time for you, wedding photos make it possible to relive the magic over and over again as you flip through beautiful heirloom albums. It only makes sense to want wedding photos that you’re proud of. So, here are my four biggest tips on getting wedding photos you absolutely love.

4 Tips for Getting Perfect Wedding Photos

1. Book the Same Photographer for Engagement, Bridal, and Wedding Photos

First, choose a photographer whose photography fits your style. Since photography is a creative art, each photographer has a unique way of looking at things. Some take a more photojournalistic, candid approach, while others specialize in fine art photography and portraiture. Some prefer warm, rich hues, while others keep it light and airy. As you search for a photographer, be sure to look through their online wedding portfolios to see what stands out to you. Consider a style you both like. 

Then, once you find “The One,” schedule a few sessions before the wedding, such as engagement and bridal portraits. Pre-wedding sessions will allow you to find your groove and help your photographer understand your image preferences before the big day. Plus, by photographing the milestones leading up to your wedding day, you can document your full love story from beginning to end. And, you’ll have a consistent photography style in your albums or wall art. 

2. Communicate with Your Photographer 

As a wedding photographer, I’ll guide you through the process and ask questions to ensure I get the photos you want (not to mention I’ll be there to capture every moment, big and small). But I’d love your input, too! Most photographers appreciate it when you already have a few shots, poses, and moments in mind. Do you find black and white photos captivating? Or would you rather opt out of those? Let me know! Make a shared Pinterest board, and pin some of your favorite photos to show your photographer what you want. Or, write out a few must-haves or creative, out-of-the-box images. Some examples include:

-Candid father/daughter first look
-Bride and groom reading their notes from each other
-Silly sibling shots
-Candid photos with childhood friends
-Closeups of touching moments
-A photo with parents kissing bride’s cheeks
-Birdseye view of bride and groom dancing 
-Photos of certain cultural or religious traditions

3. Remember that Lighting Sets the Mood

For amazing Getting Ready shots, choose a location or room with windows that let in lots of natural light if you can. Same for the venue. Think about the types of photos you want and choose a venue that will help make that possible. Is there a place where you can take romantic couple’s photos in golden sunset lighting? Are there large windows or doors you can open up to let in some light? If the lighting isn’t ideal, consider hiring a wedding lighting company, and ask your photographer for their advice, too. Professional wedding photographers are used to working with all kinds of lighting. Still, sometimes you can make it even better with lighting solutions or pick an alternate location for some of the photos.

4. Stay in the Moment 

I saved the most important point for last. Don’t stress too much over posing and perfect shots. I’ll take care of that for you. Instead, all I ask of you is to really savor the moment. Your wedding day goes by so quickly. Truly enjoy every minute of it, and don’t worry about perfection. Carve out some alone time, and sneak away just the two of you. Spend quality time celebrating with loved ones. I’ll discreetly suggest some shots along the way, but for the most part, just do your thing! Live in the moment, and I guarantee the photos will be beautiful.

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