How to Create a Dreamy NYC Wedding Theme

Dreaming of a picturesque wedding in stunning New York City? Whether you’re a huge fan of the Big Apple or a local native, NYC can be the perfect spot for your dream wedding. You just have to incorporate a few creative ideas in order to play up that big city ambiance. 

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8 Décor Ideas for a Dreamy NYC Wedding Aesthetic

Multi-Use ‘I ❤️ NY’ Tags

While I ❤️ NY tags can be a bit touristy, your guests will love getting to experience all this big city has to offer. Play up the NYC wedding theme by adding these cute tags to your silverware or party favors. Many tourist shops sell inexpensive I ❤️ NY stickers and keychains. Use the rings of the keychains as fun napkin rings that your guests can take home after dinner. Place the stickers on the ceremony programs and menus. It’s the little details that can make weddings extra fun!

Incorporate Taxi Cab Patterns + Colors

Who doesn’t dream of yelling, “TAXI!” when visiting NYC for the first time? Add in hints of yellow and black checkered print for a bit of big city taxi flair. This would be especially cute if you are providing transportation from the ceremony to a separate venue location. Or have your valet parking helpers dress like taxi drivers. Your guests will love that you went all-in on the theme!

Use NYC Street Signs Table Markers (Fake, Of Course)

For a fun way to mark tables, place famous NYC street signs or silhouettes of iconic landmarks on each table. Popular streets include: Broadway, Wall Street, Fifth Avenue, and Park Avenue. 

Popular landmarks include: Central Park, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and Rockefeller Center. There are numerous other famous streets and locations, so feel free to have fun with it, and choose your favorite spots!

Display Iconic NYC Photos

Speaking of famous places, you’ll definitely want to incorporate iconic photos of NYC around the venue. As a local NYC native photographer, I am happy to help with these photos. I can tell you all the best locations and times to capture the shots! By adding visual images, your guests will feel like they are really getting the big city experience.

Add Some Mood Lighting

Set up twinkle string lights or mini street lamps for that vintage big city ambiance. New York City is known for its iconic lights (especially in Times Square), and everyone knows nighttime is when the city really comes alive. 

Feature Themed NYC Wedding Cakes

Another fun way to play up the NYC wedding theme is by having a NYC wedding cake! You could have your cake decorator place a few figures of your favorite landmarks along with a big “I ❤️ NYC” logo on top of the cake. Or see if you can have a black and white silhouette of the NYC skyline. However, it may even look too pretty to eat! 😉

Dine Like a Local

Food can be a fun and easy way to really bring in a touch of NYC. Instead of a fancy dinner, set up a buffet with gourmet “street food” that New Yorkers know and love. Serve hot dogs, tacos, corn on the cob, pizza, pretzels, cultural favorites… the possibilities are endless! Your guests will love getting to try all of the delicious options!

Vintage Fonts + Décor

Play up the big city theme by adding in some vintage fonts and black and white decorations. These classy small touches can really bring your wedding from basic to chic and elegant. Incorporating these can give your wedding a bit of a historical NYC feel, mixing the old with the new. 

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