Stress-Free Wedding Planning: Essential Tips for Manhattan Brides

Your wedding day will be one of the happiest days of your life, but sometimes wedding planning stress feels a bit heavy. As a Manhattan wedding photographer, I’ve seen it all. And the good news is that it always seems to work out! When the day comes, you’ll be so focused on each other and the magic of it all that the rest will fade into the background. So, have fun planning, and don’t worry about the rest! 

How to Beat Wedding Planning Stress

One was to do that it to take breaks from planning to do something for yourself or together with your other half. This will help you to recharge and come back with a fresh set of eyes, ready to take on your next task! Not sure how to relieve wedding planning stress? We’ve come up with a great list to get you started!

5 Ways to Decrease Wedding Planning Stress in New York

1. Date Night

When the wedding planning tasks seem endless, don’t forget why you wanted to get married in the first place. Take some time out in New York with your fiancé by having a fun date night! Spend a night under the stars with a romantic picnic in Central Park, try a new experience like Beat the Bomb or an Escape Room, sample Craft Beer together, or try recreating your very first date. Whatever you decide, just be sure to have lots of fun, and let your worries fade away while you simple enjoy this special time together! (Maybe even make a rule that you can’t discuss wedding plans.)

wedding planning stress, date night, escape room

2. Go on an Adventure

Exercise and fresh air are fantastic stress-relievers, so why not go on a beautiful New York hike? Anthony’s NoseBreakneck Ridge, and Suffern-Bear Mountain are just a few of the local favorites, and they are all within an hour or two of the city. Take in a new scene with your fiancé, and get some fresh air and sunshine, too! You’ll be so happy you did, and you’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on the next item on your to-do list. 

wedding planning stress, go on a couples hike in Upstate New York

3. Reduce Caffeine

Did you know that too much caffeine can actually exacerbate stress? Try swapping out that extra cup of coffee with some water or your favorite herbal (noncaffeinated) tea. You will feel better with less caffeine in your system, and you will have the hydrating and calming benefits from the water and tea. Be sure you are also getting plenty of sleep. It heals your body, and can help you not feel so tired and stressed throughout the day. 

reduce stress with herbal tea

4. Spa Day

Another great way to relax is to have a spa day! Book a couple’s massage at your favorite Manhattan spa. Let your worries fade away as you take a dip in the hot tub, soothe your muscles in the steam room, and enjoy a refreshing glass of cucumber water. Some spas even have the option for mud “baths”—I don’t know about their effectiveness, but it’s sure to be a fun memory for later! Whatever spa treatments you choose, just be sure to enjoy the experience and let your mind unwind.

wedding planning stress, couple's massage, spa day

5. Delegate Tasks

A final way to lower those stress-levels is to accept help from others! Remember, you don’t have to plan the entire wedding all by yourselves—that’s a lot to handle for anyone! Your friends and family are excited for your Manhattan wedding, so delegate some tasks, and let them help you. As an experienced NYC wedding photographer, I truly enjoy helping couples during the planning process. Don’t be shy to show me those color swatches, ask my input on venues or reception plans, or ask me to help with the timeline over a cup of coffee. Or, if you’re having a large or luxury wedding, consider a wedding planner, too. It will be a huge relief off your shoulders when you have a few less items on your list to worry about. 

hire a wedding planner

Words of Wisdom from a Manhattan Wedding Photographer

As you dream of your perfect wedding day, just remember to take each day one step at a time. Be sure to take some time for yourselves, and enjoy the short-lived engagement stage. It’s a fun one, and you will be newlyweds before you know it! 

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