Guide to Engagement Photoshoot on a Rainy Day

Sunlight. Iconic buildings. Parks. Taking engagement photos in the outdoors are as romantic as ever. But sometimes, weather is so incredibly unpredictable that one moment it is all sunshine but the next moment it’s thundering, especially in these recent summer months. If your engagement photoshoot lands on a rainy day, not to worry! Just read below and we will have you all ready. Even if the weather is not as perfect as you’d like it to be, our guide will give you the tips to have a perfect photoshoot.

Confirm and communicate with your photographer

This might sound like a no-brainer, but do remember to check the weather forecast at least the day before your engagement photoshoot. The last thing you want is arriving for the photoshoot unprepared as the rain starts to pour. While your photographer will most probably check the weather forecast for you ahead of time, communicating with your photographer gives you a peace of mind. Make sure that your photographer will still be there to take perfect pictures for you despite of the rain. And ask your photographer if he or she has suggestions on any indoor locations if you prefer not to get wet.

Reschedule (if possible)

If you and your partner really love that sunlight in your pictures, by all means, check with your photographer if he or she can reschedule the photoshoot. Check the weather forecast and provide your photographer a few backup dates. Just keep in mind that photoshoots are typically scheduled in advance. So don’t be too bummed if your photographer doesn’t have another available date. If you can’t reschedule to a sunny day, we got your back. Keep reading below!

Pack well for the day

From our professional experience, we recommend putting the below items in a bag to bring to your photoshoot:

  • Towels: chances are, you will get wet. So bring a towel to dry yourself and avoid catching a cold!
  • Extra Clothes: If your clothes get wet throughout the photoshoot, you have something to change into
  • Plastic Bags: In case you get soaking wet, you have a plastic bag to put your wet clothes and towels in so the rest of your belongings don’t get wet
  • Umbrellas: an umbrella will not only keep you dry throughout the photoshoot, but it can also act as a prop (keep reading for more tips!)

Pick the right umbrella!

Umbrellas are not necessarily boring in a picture. Using umbrellas wisely adds more fun and captures a different atmosphere in the picture. Transparent umbrellas is a safe choice. It doesn’t block the lighting as much and still shows a hint of the background. Bright umbrellas adds some lively color to your photoshoot in the midst of cloudy background. But no matter what color or pattern the umbrella is, make sure it matches with you and your partner’s outfit.

Move the location indoors

If it is really pouring terribly, you may want to consider moving the photoshoot location indoors. Large cities like NYC has endless great indoor engagement photoshoot options. The New York Public Library, especially the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, is a popular location for photoshoot. Grand Central Terminal also has multiple cute photoshoot locations. Make sure you ask your photographer for any suggestions. Since your photographer is local, he or she might have secret spots for you!

Need to book a new photographer last minute, or still looking for a professional photographer for your engagement photoshoot? We are here to help!