Erin + Tim Battery Park Gardens Wedding

Some love stories are too good not to tell, and Erin and Tim have one of them. They both knew their love was meant to be; however, their proposal almost was not: 

“We were in Paris on New Year’s Eve. Tim’s plan was to go to a nice dinner and then go to Trocadero Square where we could see the Eiffel tower. At the stroke of midnight, he planned to propose and had been rehearsing a nice, long speech to preface it with. 
He had drastically underestimated how long it takes to eat dinner in France. We sat down at 7:45 pm and by 11:30 he was desperately asking the waiter for the check only to be admonished for not staying for coffee. We grabbed the slowest cab in the world that left us desperately behind schedule as we approached Trocadero. As traffic ground to a standstill with barely five minutes left ‘til midnight, he felt his heart sink into the pit of his stomach. He had spent so much time trying to make this work that he was devastated at the thought of missing midnight and having to start from scratch. 
He quickly paid the cab driver, and we booked it down the road. The whole time he was trying to keep it secret just why he was so desperate to make it there by midnight. We arrived out of breath and with a minute to spare. The long speech he had prepared had been shortened to, “Hey this has been pretty great, let’s keep doing this forever,” which he finished right as the clock struck midnight, the fireworks began sailing into the sky, and the crowd cheered—both for the proposal and the start of a new year. “

They decided to tie the knot at Battery Gardens in NYC, and unlike the proposal, their exceptional wedding event staff made it happen without a hitch. 

About Battery Gardens Wedding Venue
Battery Gardens is the only luxury venue among the peaceful park that faces the harbor. The park represents the heart of city – this is where so many settlers first stepped foot on American soil. Later, the park was used as a place to store artillery. After going unused over the years, the well-preserved natural area is now a place to enjoy some sunshine and watch the waves roll in. Battery Park is gem that rivals the natural beauty of Central Park and is equally historic.

Weddings at Battery Gardens
What can you expect? Glorious sunsets, bayside views, peaceful greenery, and the best service the island has to offer. Couples can say, “I do” beneath the trees and open skies. This venue is ideal for couples who are looking for a romantic outdoor venue in NYC that also offers luxurious service. They can host and cater a seated dinner for 250 guests — plus a dance floor! — and if you add a tent, the venue can accommodate 350. With panoramic views of the harbor and Statue of Liberty, you and your guests will love enjoying the fresh air and lovely grounds.
Plus, Battery Park offers a full catering menu just for weddings, expertly crafted by award-winning culinary chefs!
Be sure to check out Erin and Tim’s wedding below for more wedding inspiration. Congratulations to the happy couple!