Delicious Food Bar Ideas for Asian Weddings

With wedding season on the horizon, food bars are quickly becoming this year’s hottest new wedding trend! Why have a traditional plated dinner when you can incorporate your favorite foods into a fun, interactive wedding experience? Now the question is, how will you choose which food bar ideas are right for your big day? Here are a few options that might be perfect for your Asian wedding.

5 Amazing Food Bar Ideas for Your Asian Wedding

1. Roll and Dumpling Bar

A roll and dumpling food bar gives you so much room to be creative with your wedding reception. This allows you to include some classic favorites, such as beef gyoza, egg rolls, Xiaolongbao soup dumplings, and Vietnamese summer rolls, as well as so many other tasty options. Be sure to also include a meatless dumpling or roll for your vegetarian guests. This food bar could also serve both plain white rice and fried rice to go along with the rolls and dumplings. For another fun surprise, include red bean paste dumplings as a dessert option. Your guests will be raving for months over all your mouth-watering spreads!

food bar ideas - roll and dumpling bar

2. Ramen Bar

Ramen bars are a great way to really step up your Asian wedding game! Guests start by grabbing a bowl at the head of the bar, and then proceeding to fill it with ramen noodles, boiled egg, chicken or pork, scallions, sprouts, and seaweed. At the end of the table, have someone there to serve the broth to each guest. This warm treat is perfect for fall or winter weddings and is an easily customizable option for pickier eaters (like the kiddos).

build your own ramen bowl for weddings

3. Sushi Bar

Another great way to incorporate Asian culture into your wedding is by having a sushi bar! California, spicy tuna, king crab, and dragon rolls are sure to put smiles on your guests’ faces. Because sushi can be a bit of an acquired taste, make sure there is a variety of options available, as well as some side dishes. In addition, rice is a tasty but inexpensive way to fill those hungry stomachs after they become famished from hitting the dance floor (and most kids love it, too). 

food bar ideas - sushi bar

4. Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Many couples like sticking to the traditional wedding dinner, but they want something fun for dessert. Why not create individual ice cream sundaes? This bar could begin with 3 types of ice cream – vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. After the guests choose their flavors, they move on to choosing toppings. Crushed Oreos, strawberries, cookie dough, mochi, Swedish fish, hot fudge and caramel sauce…the possibilities are endless! This food bar will be sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!

ice cream sundae bar

5. S’mores Bar

This dessert food bar is perfect for outdoor or backyard weddings with a firepit. For this cute idea, start with the basics: set out three separate bowls of graham crackers, Hershey’s chocolate bars, and jumbo marshmallows. To add a twist on a campfire classic, include some other options, such as Reese’s peanut butter cups or Cookies ‘n Cream chocolate bars. Most of these items can be left in their original packaging, making set-up and clean-up a breeze! Guests can gather their favorite ingredients, and then head to the firepit to socialize and enjoy their creation. This food bar will be a perfect way for your guests to interact and take a break from the dance floor!

build your own s'mores bar

These food bar ideas will allow your Asian wedding to be fun and interactive for all your guests. With all the options each food bar gives, there are sure to be plenty of food or dessert selections to please everyone. Cheers to your big day and enjoying all your tasty food bar treats!

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