5 Ideas on Planning Your Wedding After Coronavirus Lockdown

You just got engaged, you are excited to plan your big day with your partner, and you need ideas for wedding ceremonies in times of coronavirus. What is the safest, but most romantic way to get married after the quarantine? How can you have your wedding party that can still be captured beautifully in photographs? Here are 5 ideas on how to plan your wedding as special as your love story.

1. Leave the crowd

If you are planning to get married in a big city, it can feel a little nerve-wrecking for you and your guests. But not to worry- big crowds should not get in the way of your special day. Look for alternatives that will still give you the same big city vibe while keeping you and your loved ones safe. Traveling a little further from the heart of the city for your wedding ceremony is a great option. The wedding photographer can also capture the mesmerizing city skyline as the background of your celebration. If you are planning to get married in NYC, consider hopping on the ferry and hold the ceremony in Weehawken, Hoboken, or Jersey City instead. Sometimes grass IS greener on the other side!

Wedding with NYC skyline without being in the crowds

2. Find unique, atypical wedding locations

Escape typical wedding locations, especially if they are in crowded, touristy locations. It is a great idea to look for amazingly special locations that most people would not think of. If you are traveling for your wedding, ask locals where are the most romantic places to get married. Another option is to book a dinner cruise. Book the entire boat just to celebrate your love story while enjoying the city view. Not traveling and staying local? Perhaps celebrate your wedding at a memorable place special to you and your partner. The restaurant where you had your first date, the park where you had your first kiss… there is no limit to your wedding party!

3. Intimate wedding now, “real” wedding later

Don’t want to delay your wedding plans? No problem! You can still hold a small wedding with a small group of friends and immediate family members while postponing your big, “real” wedding to a later date. The intimate wedding can be hosted virtually (Zoom, Skype, phone … etc), at a park, at your courtyard… anywhere you feel safe, really. When the coronavirus pandemic comes to an end, you can have your planned dream wedding with a larger group of friends and family. Not only do you get one, but TWO weddings!

Intimate wedding at time of coronavirus

4. Get married at home (yes!)

You don’t feel comfortable having a wedding in public space. We get it. Simple solution: have the party at home! You can order some decorations online: flowers (plastic or real), Christmas lights, balloons. Let your creativity run wild and turn your home into your dream wedding! Have a courtyard? Even better. Summer is coming- bring the ceremony outside and enjoy the sunshine.

5. Virtual wedding

Lots of couples have decided to do virtual weddings during the pandemic. But don’t feel like this option is exclusive to quarantine times. Having your ceremony over the internet is great! Talk with your partner to decide how many or how few people you want to invite. There is no limit with virtual ceremonies! Remember to work with a professional photographer to capture this one of a kind wedding. You can even change your background to anywhere you want – Eiffel Tower, Egyptian pyramids, the Alps… you name it, we got it!

No matter what your wedding plans are, don’t forget to book a photographer to capture your special moments. Years later, you will not remember how coronavirus affect your wedding. But you will for sure remember the sweet moments of your ceremony when you reminiscence the photos!

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