Best Locations to Take Engagement Pictures in NYC

The iconic buildings. The crazy taxi cab drivers. The energetic hustle and bustle. New York City is one of the most exciting cities in the world with so many sights to see, places to explore, and unique food to taste. Even just sitting on a park bench to people watch is more fun than you might imagine. No wonder so many couples choose to take their engagement photos here! But every couple has their own style and taste, and it’s important to find the right location that truly reflects your personality as a couple.
Here are a few of my favorite places for engagement sessions in NYC:
1. Central Park

I’m sure this one doesn’t surprise you as probably came first to your mind. But Central Park is huge, and there are some pretty cool unique and off-the-beaten-path spots to consider such as Bethesda Fountain, the Bow Bridge, and The Loeb Boathouse restaurant on the lake.  

2. Times Square

The sights, lights, and sounds of NYC are most vibrant here. If you want photos that truly display the city, this is where it’s at!

3. Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo

Going for a super trendy, modern, and industrial vibe? The fun cobblestone streets and interesting warehouse fronts make for fun photos. Plus, you can include the Brooklyn Bridge and Jane’s Carousel!

4. New York Botanical Garden in Bronx

This location is a little more serene, intimate, and natural with the stunning year-round blooms!

5. West Village 

If you aren’t familiar with NYC, Washington Square Park and Washington Mews offer charming views and a beautiful gate – you’ll feel like you’re Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds in Singin’ in the Rain at this classic, nostalgic location.

6. SoHo

Love to shop? This high-end, designer area is the perfect place to find chic, elegant backdrops

7. Top of the Rock

If you’re not scared of heights, the observatory on top of the Rockefeller Center offers the best (and most romantic) views of the city

8. East Village

Go old school on the Eastside. This location offers a more vintage, slightly punk, scene. The tattoo parlors, murals, and brightly colored buildings keep it interesting!

9. Chinatown

This pan-Asian hub is a great place for authentic food, fresh markets, ornate storefronts – and my favorite bubble tea shops! 

10.South Street Seaport

Catch some rays and watch the waves as you explore the stores and restaurants along the seaport. You get awesome views of both the ocean and the city – you really can have your cake and eat it, too!

11.Coney Island

440 acres of pure awesome! If you’re up for some unique entertainment after your session, hang around and take a ride on the Wonder Wheel or hop on a rollercoaster in Luna Park. You’ll have a blast!