Best Apps & Websites for Brides

Getting married is a significant event that you are excited to share with your significant other and loved ones. It is no wonder brides want to make their wedding day as memorable as possible. But planning a wedding can seem like a big project. Where can you start? Don’t worry – we are sharing our favorite apps and websites for brides so you can easily plan your wedding! If you want a quick timeline for planning your wedding, check our advice here.

For brides who have absolutely no idea where to start: Brides

Even though Brides has been around for 85 years, the website is constantly providing fresh contents that are trendy and fashionable. It has tips and information on the whole process of this important stage of your life: from engagement, to wedding, and honeymoon. It is great if you have zero idea where to start planning your wedding, because its extended Etiquette & Advice section answers any questions you may have about wedding.

For brainstorming wedding ideas: Pinterest

Pinterest has millions of photos that it would be almost impossible for you not to inspire you for whatever you may be looking for: wedding dresses, wedding venues, wedding themes, cake ideas …. When you see something that excites you, you can save the idea and revisit later as you plan. Having pictures saved also helps your vendors to provide exactly what you want.

For planning out the wedding: Wedding Planner

Th Knot’s Wedding Planner App is a one stop shop for everything related to planning out your wedding. First, get inspired by browsing themes of weddings, cakes, color….etc. The app also helps you easily pick a vendor and keep track of your chosen vendors in one single place. You can also create a checklist and a timeline of your wedding day.

For staying on budget: Mint

The app is not specifically meant for wedding budget, but it is so useful and easy to use that it is literally a budget for life. Set your budget for different categories and it will help you stay on track of your spending in one place. Mint lets you sync with your bank account so it automatically tracks all your spending. The best part? It’s free!

For relaxing if you get stressed: Headspace

One of the most popular relaxation apps, Headspace provides a one stop shop for all things mindfulness. It has meditation for stress and anxiety, and sleep and work. You can try their free Basic courses for meditation before you commit to paid subscription. But hey- if it helps you relieve all the stress from planning your wedding, it works!

For wedding registry: Zola

On Zola‘s, you can curate your most desired gift items, and also experiences such as honeymoon funds. To keep your budget in check, Zola offers free shipping and a 20% completion discount for up to 6 months after your wedding day. You can also add gifts from other stores and they consistently update their website so you will always find what you need. To save you even more time, it has a free thank you note manager and a free wedding website that will integrate your Zola registry. Check our list of best wedding registry websites for more options!

Ready for your big day? Make sure to book a professional photographer to make your wedding day memorable!