9 Ways to Embrace Rain on Your Wedding Day

How to Make Rain on Your Wedding Day Look Incredible

Your wedding day dreams probably don’t include gloomy skies and rain showers. If only we could control the weather, right?! While that isn’t possible, there are still ways to have a dreamy wedding day in the rain. In fact, some of my favorite wedding day portraits happen to involve surprise rain showers and clear umbrellas. No matter what happens, your love story is the true reason for the day, and you get to marry your best friend, rain or shine! 

what to do if it rains on your wedding day

9 Ways to Embrace Rain on Your Wedding Day

Have a Plan B

If planning an outdoor wedding, coordinate with your venue for an alternate rain option. Ask the venue if they can set up tents or move the event indoors. Tents come in various colors and designs, so you can find some that match your theme, color scheme, and decor. Luxury tents You may also consider clear tents so you can still see the sky and have some natural lighting. Then hang up some string lights across the tents for extra ambiance. Browse New York Tent’s portfolio for ideas and inspiration.

There are so many great options, so rain doesn’t have to ruin your plans. However, setting up tents may add an extra expense to your budget, so you may want to check on indoor options first. Discuss all the details with your venue and vendors so that you can be stress-free on your wedding day. 

Consider Transportation

In case of rain, you may need to consider transportation options to keep you and your guests nice and dry. If you have a commute between venues, consider a limo or wedding party bus. Old school taxis by New York’s FILMCARS are cute in photos, too! Book transportation will also ensure everyone arrives completely dry and ready to celebrate! Keep a few umbrellas and towels on hand, just in case!

Have Clear Umbrellas On Hand

If it does rain, embrace the romantic ambiance! Grab clear umbrellas for yourselves and your wedding party. This way, the photographer can still see your faces to capture all the emotions of the day, and the umbrellas won’t throw off your wedding color scheme. Plus, umbrellas will look adorable in your photos! Dance around and pretend to splash in puddles, or throw your umbrellas into the air. These are all fun memories you will laugh about and cherish in the future!

rain on your wedding day

Pack Rain-Friendly Essentials

For the ladies, try to choose rain-friendly hairstyles. You could try a loose and natural boho look, swept low bun, or chic updo to keep frizz at bay. Try to use umbrellas to keep your hair dry whenever you go outside, but if your hair does get a little wet, it’ll be alright! 

You may also want to purchase a fabric protector for the hems of your dresses. (Better yet, ask a professional cleaner to Scotch Guard the bottom of your dress—you don’t want to notice a line where the fabric protector starts and stops.) Fabric protector will help keep your lovely dresses from getting ruined in the rain—but it’s not perfect, so we’ll still need to be careful. 

And finally, keep an emergency makeup kit on hand for last-minute touch-ups. If you know it’s raining on your wedding day, ask your makeup artist for the most rain- and humidity-proof application possible. 

rain on your wedding day

Ask Your Photographer for Rain-Friendly Photo Locations

You might want to scope out photo locations and plan how to get there in advance. You’ll want to look for places with awnings, covered patios, or something similar. These spots are perfect for rainy day photos because you will have the natural lighting from being outside, but you aren’t getting soaked in the pouring rain. Fun fact: Cloudy skies work as a natural light box, often creating spectacular editorial-style photos! 

Bring Rainy Day Props

Embrace rain on your wedding day by bringing in fun props! In addition to the clear umbrellas, have your wedding party wear matching rain boots. (Wellies also make for cute and practical wedding gifts!) Share a kiss with your new spouse under an umbrella, or dance together like you are on the set of “Singin’ in the Rain.” The setting and props will give your wedding day photos a fun and unforgettable twist.

wedding day umbrellas

Prepare for Cold

Sometimes, the temperature drops dramatically when it rains (especially in spring and fall). In this case, be sure to have items on hand so your guests aren’t shivering during your vows. Gather blankets, towels, heat lamps, umbrellas, hot cocoa, and hot coffee or tea. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtful touches! 

Central Park fall wedding

Stay Flexible with Your Timeline

With the possibility of inclement weather, it’s important to have a flexible timeline and be prepared for any scenario. If you have some wiggle room in the schedule or don’t mind swapping events, we can sneak out when the rain lets up for stunning portraits! Usually, rain tends to clear the streets and sidewalks of pedestrians, so you may be able to get a few crowd-less shots!

wedding day tips

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for a Possible Rainbow Photo-Op

Don’t be discouraged if it does rain on your wedding day. You may even end up with a gorgeous rainbow once the storm ends. (And, of course, we’ll run outside to snap a few photos in front of it for a beautiful and memorable moment!) I haven’t had that luck yet, but this Top of the Rock newlywed portrait is sure to inspire!

top of the rock wedding photos

While rain on your wedding day may not be the most desirable, many believe it brings good luck and a long-lasting marriage! No matter what happens, just remember that no wedding is perfect. Try to embrace whatever the day may bring, and enjoy celebrating your unique love story! Meanwhile, as your NYC wedding photographers, we’ll be by your side to help you troubleshoot, plan, and make the most of it!

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