7 Ways to Use Your Bridal Portraits

Once you’ve said, “Yes!” to the one you love and found the perfect dress, it’s so much fun to get all dolled up for bridal portraits. Plus, bridal portraits serve as a test run for hair and makeup, and the session provides the opportunity to get to know your photographer better. During the shoot, you can talk about plans and photo preferences before the big day. You’ll leave the session feeling more confident and excited about your wedding day (if that’s even possible).

Here are my favorite ways to showcase your bridal portraits:

1. Wedding Announcements

Wedding announcements are fun to send out, especially if you’re eloping, having a destination wedding, or have many friends and family who cannot be in attendance for the actual wedding. Adding photos to the announcement lets them “experience” the day with you. After all, who doesn’t enjoy seeing pictures of a blushing bride and newlyweds in love? Photos are a great way to help people feel included in your big day, and they’re more eye-catching than a card with words alone.

wedding announcement

2. Photo Albums 

This one probably goes without saying, but I had to include it on the list as a reminder. In today’s mostly digital world, photos tend to get stuck on our computers and phones. But your professional bridal portraits deserve more than that. You may want to pass them down to kids or family members later on, and who knows what technology will look like then. Printing your photos in heirloom photo albums ensures you’ll have something to pass down. Plus, there’s just something nostalgic about flipping through an actual album instead of scrolling on a screen now and then.

Fine Art wedding Album Sasha Chou Photography
Fine Art Album Sasha Chou Photography

3. Wedding Book or Personalized Guest Book

Along those lines, consider making a full wedding book that tells your story. You can add mementos, quotes, and love letters. Tell your story through words and pictures. This can be for your eyes only – a sweet memoir of your beginnings together – or you can use it as a guest book. Guests can write their warm wishes and wedding advice on the pages, and they can flip through your photos at the same time. Everyone loves a good love story!

Wedding gift and decorations on the day of wedding

4. Pair with a Boudoir Session as a Gift for Your Spouse

Are you having trouble deciding on a wedding gift for your other half? How about a beautiful leather-bound album featuring YOU? Take it to the next level by scheduling a boudoir session with your bridal session. It’s a romantic and intimate gift that your spouse will cherish forever. Plus, boudoir sessions are so much fun to do! Even if it seems out of your comfort zone, it’s a safe place just to be you. I promise you’ll leave the studio feeling sexy, confident, and empowered! Connect with me to learn more about boudoir photography.

bridal portraits

5. Ceremony + Reception Display

Put your love on display! Your wedding ceremony and reception are the perfect places to feature your gorgeous bridal portraits. Use an easel for a large canvas image to welcome guests in the entryway, or you can set up a guest book table with framed photos. You can even go bold with a collaged mural if you’d like.

bridal portraits

6. Wall Art for Master Bedroom

Is your bedroom feeling a little bare? Bring it to life with an enlarged photo from your wedding day as a permanent reminder of where it all began.

couple's portrait

7. Holiday Cards

Friends and family enjoy seeing family milestones displayed through Christmas cards. This longstanding tradition is a way for people to share big life events like engagements, births, and more. Is this your first year of sending out holiday cards as a couple? Include a bridal portrait or wedding photo on the card to celebrate your first year of marriage. 

bridal portraits

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