5 Reasons You Need a Wedding Website

As you look down at your gorgeous new engagement ring, you smile as you think about the romantic proposal and your future together as a married couple. People instantly start asking you about wedding dates, venues, and your proposal story. Although it’s exciting, you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. You need a wedding website!

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Wedding websites are extremely helpful when it comes to providing information for your guests, sharing your story and photos, and providing access to your wedding registry. In fact, a wedding website can be a simple first step to planning your big day. 

5 Reasons to Create a Wedding Website:

1. Tell Your Story

While many of your wedding guests know that you and your fiancé have been dating awhile, they may not know the story of how you two met or how your fiancé proposed. Feel free to write a short paragraph or two at the beginning of your wedding website telling your romantic love story. This will help guests to feel connected to the both of you as a future married couple. 

If you elope, your website is a great way to share the experience and include loved ones who aren’t present.

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2. Share Engagement Photos

After you finish your engagement photo session, why not share them with all your friends and family? These are photos that you and your future spouse will treasure for years to come, and they will make a great addition to your wedding website!

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3. Provide Wedding Information

Your guests will be dying to know about your wedding events such as your wedding shower(s), bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinner, and wedding day details. Keep guests informed about dates, times, and locations of each event by posting on your wedding website. This way, you can reach all of your guests at once instead of telling each person individually. 

In addition, you can ask guests to RSVP on your website, and it will keep track of the responses for you. (No more waiting for RSVPs to slowly arrive in the mail as you attempt to keep count!)

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4. Share Your Wedding Registry

Your friends and family will love helping you launch your new life together. Your registry allows them to see and purchase gifts to get you started. Wedding registries let them know exactly what items you need. Feel free to share your registry on your wedding website so that your guests will have no trouble choosing your gifts. Be sure to write each person a thank you note within a week or two of receiving the item. 

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5. Enjoy Quality Time with Your Future Spouse

Wedding planning doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful. Make a list and take it one step at a time. Working on your wedding website can be a fun activity that allows you to slow down and spend time with your fiancé (while keeping everything organized). Have fun sharing your love story with friends and family. This is a celebration after all!

There are many wedding websites to choose from, but some of the most popular are The KnotZola, and WeddingWire. These wedding websites make planning a breeze and are completely free! You don’t have to be a web designer to use these websites either. Simply type in your information into their gorgeous, pre-made templates! Congratulations on your new engagement, and I hope you have so much fun planning with your wedding website!

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