12 Most Unique New York City Hotels for Wedding Venues

In the city that never sleeps, wedding dreams come alive in the most unexpected places. From skyscraping rooftops to sparkling ballrooms, New York City hotels have so much to offer couples who are tying the knot. Offering a blend of boutique aesthetics, historic allure, opulent living, and unique atmospheres, these hotels serve as fabulous luxury wedding venues.

Before you think that a hotel might be too cliché for your one-of-a-kind wedding, don’t skip this post just yet. Yes, there are several gorgeous hotels with grand ballrooms for traditional weddings (and we’ll cover a few of those). But New York City also has several other unique gems. You can find just about every accommodation style. Imagine quirky boutique hotels, hotels that double as art exhibitions, and chic, modern rooftops, too. I bet we can find a style that fits you.

But first, why are we so keen on hotel venues as NYC wedding photographers? Here are just a few of our top reasons to consider a New York City hotel as your wedding venue:

The Ravel Hotel Wedding Long Island City, New York, photographed by Sasha Chou Photography Studio

Why Choose a New York City Hotel for Your Wedding Venue?


New York City hotels are a one-stop shop for your wedding needs. From the ceremony to the reception and accommodations for your guests, everything is conveniently located in one place.

Plus, with less commute time, you get to enjoy your day with the ones you love even more (and we can capture more candids, too)!

Experienced & Expert Staff

Hotel wedding packages include a team of professionals well-versed in event planning and hospitality. They’ve likely collaborated on quite a few weddings. They know exactly what to look for and how to help you achieve your unique vision for your day. You can know that you’re getting the best when you go with an acclaimed venue.


As mentioned, whether you prefer boutique appeal, historical intrigue, luxury grandeur, or trendy stays, hotels offer a range of aesthetics to cater to your taste. There’s plenty to choose from! The hardest part is knowing which is right for you—and we’re excited to feature a few of our favorites by category below!

Catering Services

With in-house catering and cake design, you can expect high-quality gourmet food tailored to your preferences and dietary needs. Most hotels rotate their menus seasonally for fresh ingredients, and their base packages make it easier to start curating your wedding menu.


Most hotels specialize in amenities that add to the wedding experience—luxurious suites for the bride and groom, spas for pre-wedding pampering, and cocktail bars for post-wedding parties. You’ll want to take advantage of them all for an unforgettable weekend.


Hotels are designed to be a home away from home, adding an extra layer of comfort and convenience. If you need to head back to your room for a quick rest or to grab something you forgot, you’re just an elevator ride away.

Even better, you can convene with loved ones after the last dance for one last drink or snack before turning into your rooms. And if you want to grab coffee and brunch the next morning, you can meet up in the lobby without dealing with coordination chaos.

All-Weather Bliss

Hotels also provide various options for your ceremony and reception. Regardless of the weather, the show will go on (and beautifully, at that!). Plus, hotels have professional staff who are experienced in handling events, meaning you can focus on enjoying your day rather than worrying about logistics.


Top 12 Best Hotel Wedding Venues In New York City

For couples looking for the perfect wedding venue in New York City, the options can be overwhelming. Yet, certain hotels rise above the rest with their outstanding service, stunning interiors, and unique ambiance that promise to make your special day unforgettable.

Our guide to the 12 best hotel wedding venues in New York City highlights places that not only offer beautiful spaces but also cater to your needs with warmth and professionalism. Whether you envision a lavish celebration or an intimate gathering, these venues provide a fitting backdrop for every moment of your wedding day.

Let’s explore these exceptional choices that could serve as the ideal setting for kick-starting your new life together.

The Ravel Hotel wedding

Top Boutique New York City Weeding Hotel Venues

The Bowery Hotel

A boutique hotel par excellence, The Bowery Hotel, located in downtown Manhattan, is perfect for the couple seeking an intimate, bohemian vibe. Their elegant event space features floor-to-ceiling windows, antique chandeliers, and luxurious vintage furnishings that evoke an old-world charm. 

The Ned NoMad Hotel

As one of the most sought-after boutique hotels, the NoMad Hotel perfectly blends New York style with 1920s glamour and 1930s art deco. Its rooftop has breathtaking views of the city’s skyline, providing an idyllic setting for a sunset ceremony or a starlit reception. With a dedicated culinary team creating a custom menu for your day, the NoMad Hotel offers an exceptionally personal and unique wedding experience.

Ace Hotel Brooklyn & Manhattan

Located in both Brooklyn and Manhattan, the Ace Hotel is the epitome of urban chic. With its edgy industrial interior design, these boutique hotels are a favorite among creative couples looking for a non-traditional wedding venue. The spacious rooftop terrace, with its stunning views of the city, is perfect for an alfresco ceremony or an intimate cocktail reception.

New York City hotels for wedding venues

Intriguing New York City Hotels for Wedding Venues

The Ludlow Hotel

Nestled in the vibrant Lower East Side neighborhood, The Ludlow Hotel boasts a bold, stylish, and sophisticated atmosphere. Its luxurious guest rooms, adorned with plush velvet furnishings, quirky art, and elegant marble bathrooms, will make you and your guests feel like modern royalty. The hotel’s intimate garden courtyard, lit with twinkling lights and lush greenery, is a romantic spot for a candlelit ceremony or an intimate dinner reception.

The Standard High Line

For something completely different, consider The Standard, High Line. This unique hotel is located over High Line Park and under the skyline of Manhattan and is anything but standard.

Their dazzling penthouse offers panoramic views of New York City and the Hudson River, providing a modern, adventurous setting for those looking to step outside the traditional wedding box.

Located in the heart of the Meatpacking District, The Standard, High Line is known for its modern, minimalist design but has a range of unique spaces. You can check them out here.

Wythe Hotel Brooklyn wedding

Luxury Hotels In NYC For Elevated Venue Hire

The Mandarin Oriental

If you’re after luxury, tour the Mandarin Oriental. Nestled in the heart of Manhattan, this hotel offers breathtaking views of Central Park and the city skyline. Its ballroom, featuring exquisite silk wall coverings and a 24-foot ceiling, is the epitome of modern elegance. Tie the knot in the twinkling Mandarin Ballroom, the intimate Asiate windowed room with a wine wall, or the Art Gallery. Learn more.

Baccarat Hotel New York

Refinement meets romance at the crisp white Baccarat Hotel. This luxury hotel, with its crystal-laden rooms and posh décor, offers the quintessential New York glam wedding experience with a romantic Parisian touch. As far as New York City hotels for wedding venues, this is one of the best!

Midtown Loft & Terrace wedding Manhattan, New York

Distinctive Hotels In NYC To Hold A Wedding Venue

The Jane

For a unique venue that’s bound to leave a lasting impression on your guests, consider The Jane.  This historic hotel in West Village has a rich maritime history. It also offers an eclectic blend of vintage charm, travel theme, and modern design. Their rooftop, boasting panoramic views of the Hudson River, is a unique spot for a sunset ceremony.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Who knew you could find some natural charm and farm-to-table dishes in the heart of NYC? This unique hotel believes in sustainability, eco-friendly hospitality, and nature-inspired luxury. It feels like a breath of fresh air you’ll never want to leave.

new york city hotels

Historic New York City Hotels for Wedding Venues

The Beekman

From the moment you enter The Beekman, you are transported to another era. The lobby, with its marble floors, grand staircase, and plush velvet furnishings, exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication. It’s no wonder this hotel has been a favorite among New York’s elite since it first opened its doors in 1883.

This historic hotel, with its stunning 19th-century architecture and Victorian glamour, brings a touch of old-world charm to your wedding. The nine-story atrium features a wrought-iron balustrade and a pyramidal skylight. If you want a unique and unforgettable backdrop for your ceremony, this is it.

The Plaza

For lovers of history and classic elegance, there’s no more iconic NYC option than The Plaza. This Beaux-Arts style masterpiece, located on the corner of Central Park, has hosted countless weddings and events since its opening in 1907. Its opulent Grand Ballroom, adorned with gilded details and stunning chandeliers, provides a regal setting that will wow your guests.

The Algonquin

The Algonquin is one of New York’s oldest and most touted hotels. Since its opening in 1902, this hotel has been a hub for the literary and artistic elite, including famous guests like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Maya Angelou. Its rich history and eye-catching decor make it a perfect choice for a vintage-inspired wedding. The famed Round Table Room, named after the legendary group of writers who frequented the hotel, offers an intimate and elegant setting for your special day.


Discover More Breathtaking Luxury Wedding Venues in NYC


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