10 Months Wedding Planning Countdown Preparation

April 10, 2020

10 Months Wedding Planning Countdown Preparation

Chronological Wedding Planning Checklist

If you’re just engaged, starting to envision your wedding and wondering about all the things you’ll need to do—and when—then you’re in the right place. If you do not have a Wedding Planner, then most likely you will do it all alone with your boyfriend.I want to make it easier for you and help you take a tour of all the processes related to the event and their respective times. The first thing is to close the date. Once you have specified the date you can start organizing. 

8 to 10 months in advance

1.- If you are going to have a religious ceremony, then you must choose a place and know if they have availability for the date when you plan to get married. 

2.- Begin to see your wedding dress, style, design, if you want a veil, headdress or nothing. It is time to put your imagination to work and imagine what the dress of your liking will be. 

3.- See which hairdresser or beauty center you are going to ask to comb your hair, prepare your skin, do your makeup, manicure, etc. 

4.- Look at which photographer will take your photos and the corresponding video. Do your research. There is a lot on the market to choose from. Make sure your artistic style is on the same page. Set a in-person or video Interview with the photographer/videographer and check a few full gallery portfolio beforehand. Find someone that you feel comfortable because this vendor will spend the most time with you throughout the whole day. 

5.- Start asking for information from music and animation providers. Keep in mind that the music must be according to the guests. A good DJ will know what music will be suitable for older, younger guests or the mix of both. 

6.- The most relevant and in this you must be very well advised, is the catering. Remember that this is what the guests most comment on: the food. See that it is a catering with prestige of good products, good staging of the dishes and make sure that the attention of the catering staff (waiters) must be optimal. Always ask for references. 

For 6 to 8 months

Now for some fun aspects of wedding planning: booking your ceremony musicians, ordering—or telling your wedding party to order—wedding party attire, and starting to plan that honeymoon, if you’re aiming to jet off right after your wedding. 

1. – Attend pre-wedding counseling, if required.

2. – Shop for wedding rings, formalwear, shoes, etc. 

4. – Renew or get passports, if necessary.

From 4 to 6 months

1.- Manage the documentation/ marriage license for the civil ceremony. Do not leave it until the last minute, certificates or witnesses may fail. Do it with this time in advance, so you will be calm. 

2.- Also, this is the time to hire the car or bridal transport, choose what model you want, what color and how you want it decorated. It is very important that your wedding car is managed with this time in advance since there are not many available in the market and for your date you better book in advance. 

3.- Take care at this time of how the decoration will be. If you want a defined style for your celebration, this is the time to decide. 

4.- Choice of invitations. Look at many options, there is so much variety nowadays that you should see calmly what type you want, they should always be according to the style of your wedding. If you want your invitations professionally addressed, hire a calligrapher. 

5. Envision your wedding cake and research, interview and book a cake baker.

From 3 to 4 months

1. – Once you’ve found your cake baker, it’s time to officially order your wedding cake. 

3. – Attend and plan your bridal shower! (It may be earlier, depending on when your hosts decide to have it.)

4. – Hire wedding day transport (like limousines or party buses). Look into transportation sooner if you’re considering renting streetcars or over-the-top travel.

2 months before 

1.- Prepare the guest list, since the invitations must be sent on this date approximately. Remember to put in each one the attendance confirmation, so you will know exactly how many guests you have, important information for the catering.

2.- In this period it is important to choose the flowers, the types of arrangements, how you will decorate the church and the place of the celebration.  It also explains what type of bouquet you want and that they show you many types and dimensions. Leave your bouquet already chosen. 

3.- You already have the final list of your guests, so it is time to organize the tables. Remember, always sitting like-minded people in age and family or friendly condition, there is nothing more unpleasant than sitting at a table where you feel out of context. 

1 month and last week

1.- Confirm the invitations and notify your catering the number of guests who will finally attend.

2.- Make a makeup test and a hair test with your makeup artist and stylist, this at least one week before the wedding. 

3.- Arrange with the driver of the wedding car the time it should be from where you will go to the church and confirm the route to the reception place. 

4.- The last thing you should do, one week in advance, is the final test of your dress, most likely it will be necessary to make an adjustment. With so many nerves you have surely lost weight and it should look perfect.

5. – Confirm with the photo and video team to check the full day agenda.