Wedding Photography and Videography Packages | 7 Reasons to Hire a Team

Like most things in life, package deals often have their advantages. Such is the case with wedding photo and video. However, it can be challenging to find wedding photography and videography packages within the boutique niche. Is it possible to get the personalized experience and full-service packages?

Sasha Chou Photography is a boutique NYC-based photography studio; yet we’re proud to have built up a loyal team to offer full-coverage wedding photography and videography services for our clients. You can hire us for either service independently, but we highly recommend booking both services together!

You are welcome to request specific team members for your wedding day, or you can allow us to curate a custom package for you. Once we have your team in place, you will stay with them as your point of contact throughout the planning process and on your wedding day—pending an emergency situation—so can get to know each other and feel more comfortable.

wedding photography and videography packages

7 Benefits of Hiring a Photo & Video Team for Your Wedding Day

1. Package Deals & Payments 

First and foremost, booking wedding photography and videography together is cheaper for you! Package deals are like buying in bulk. It’s almost always more cost effective to purchase a bundle than a la carte items, and wedding services are no different. It’s no different than shopping the best deals with all-inclusive wedding venues rather than hiring out separate vendors for linens, rentals, décor, catering, and more.

Don’t worry, you won’t lose the customization. As a team, we work together to personalize the best photo and video package for your wedding day. Even better, we can coordinate the timeline for you so you get full coverage of your day. 

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2. Simplified Process & Payments

In addition, you won’t have to worry about separate deposits, payments, or vendor agreements. Hiring a photo/video team will save you time (and reduce stress) by simplifying this part of wedding planning for you.

All of our team members are passionate about all things wedding. It’s not just the wedding day we care about. We want you to know you’re in good hands from proposal to honeymoon. Ask us anything! We’re more than happy to share our wedding expertise if you need ideas or recommendations for your NYC wedding. Whether straightening centerpieces, getting the wedding party in place (and on time!), or troubleshooting minor snafus, our entire team is here to make sure you get the magical day you deserve!

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3. Seamless Teamwork & Coordination

Let’s be honest—things can be just a tad awkward when new people must work together on short notice. We’re more than happy to coordinate with other talented wedding vendors, but it takes some time to get to know each other and get on board with each other’s process and visions. With an established team, there’s no “get to know you” period. We can speed things up and streamline the vendor coordination when you hire a photo/video team.  Since we work together as a team on a daily basis, we almost read each other’s minds. There’s no clashing as we work alongside our partners to seamlessly document every detail.

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4. Consistent & Complementary Filming Style

We’re as dedicated to our craft as we are to you and your wedding day. Visuals like photo and video are the only way to showcase and preserve those memories for years to come, and we’re eager to make sure you have the very best.

At Sasha Chou Photography Studio, we have a loyal, carefully selected team. We don’t just contract out to apprentice photographers. Each team member has a background and experience in both film and photography, with a trained eye in the signature Sasha Chou Photography style. That means your photos and video footage will reflect the same consistent style, which is great for displays, gallery walls, media displays, and more. All of your visuals will feature the same editing, color, and light style so they look good no matter if you display them together as a group or use a single image for a large statement piece. Since they all have the same seamless style that won’t clash, you can easily swap photos out whenever you want.

Our style is photojournalistic in nature. We love capturing the most epic frame of every moment, making sure to emphasize those little details that matter most. Our images are emotive, authentic, and candid (while getting your best side, of course). We focus on connections through images that feel deeply ‘human’—images that tug at your heart no matter how many times you’ve seen them. 

You can view our style and recent weddings and engagement here.

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5. Easy Planning & Communication

Not only can you rely on us to coordinate as a team toward your wedding vision, hiring a photo and video team makes it easier for you to plan with us. Since we work together, you don’t have to go back and forth contacting each vendor separately to get everyone on the same page. We do that part for you. Get in touch with Sasha, and let the team work their magic without additional stress for you!

NYC wedding photo and video packages

6. Create Personalized Designs & Presentations

Since team members have access to all photo and video footage, we can work together to piece together more personalized projects for you. For instance, if you really love a still shot Sasha or one of the other lead photographer’s captured, we can easily add it into one of the video snippets for dramatic effect or to freeze-frame and highlight that specific moment. That’s more challenging to accomplish when you hire separate artists for photo and video. 

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7. Full Wedding Coverage

More team members means more coverage. Unfortunately, a lead photographer can’t be in two places at one time—but two lead photographers and a videographer can! You can be confident that we’ll capture every moment; even better, we can capture those moments from multiple vantage points and distances for a variety of images. For example, we can capture your first kiss with a wide-angle, distance shot, intimate close-up, and live-action footage! We can also catch it from each side to have views of both of you separately to better document the emotions in that moment. With a team, you get it all!

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Wedding Photography and Videography Packages

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